Dr. Daniel Tschofen


Daniel Tschofen has advised companies for over 10 years in international projects. He has lived in Spanish speaking countries gaining experience in consulting. Since 2011, Daniel Tschofen has been the managing director of Europe Latin America Consulting. He is also a lecturer at internationally renowned universities.

Lic. Mauricio Foeth


Mauricio Foeth has been active since 2005 in Mexico City and has a license to practice law in Germany and Mexico. He serves a large number of European companies, with their legal needs and challenges. Mauricio Foeth is confidence lawyer of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

Mag. Lukas Rhomberg


Lukas Rhomberg is a licensed attorney in Brazil and Austria. He has been based out of São Paulo since 2007, where he served as a confidence lawyer to the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, giving legal advice to a large number of Austrian companies in Brazil.

MMag.a. Silke Stübler-Mrak


Silke Stübler-Mrak has been living in Mexico since 2002. She has been working as an international business consultant at the Austrian Commercial Section for six years.. Institutions as the German Chamber of Commerce and the Mexican Foreign Ministry use her intercultural knowhow and network.. Silke Stübler-Mrak is an experienced consultant and designated Mexico expert.